Thai massage is becoming more and more well known in the western countries. Once people see or experience Thai massage they’re blown away and want to know more. I’ll try to answer some of the most common questions I receive.

Q) Why do you say that Thai massage more effective than other forms of massage?

I’d never say that. One style of healing isn’t any more effective than the next; rather it is the consciousness of the practitioner that makes one a good healer and another mediocre. It is similar to the martial arts. You can’t say a particular style is the best; there are skilled practitioners in each art form.

However, I will say that Thai massage is effective because it covers many bases of physical healing. In America everyone is a specialist…

A massage therapist is generally focused on rubbing the muscles for the purpose of relaxation, blood and lymph circulation. The acupuncturist is trained in the meridian system and moving and harmonizing the energy in the channels. But few acupuncturists are really skilled at tissue therapy. The chiropractor specializes in osseous manipulation, but seldom understands the meridian system or spends enough time with the soft tissue. Thai massage, on the other hand, combines the very best aspects of massage, acupressure, passive yoga stretches, abdominal, or Hara massage, and even includes some osseous manipulation. Perhaps that’s what has drawn me to it so strongly.

Q) Could you go into a little detail about the aspects that you will be teaching in the course?

I said it already but to repeat… You will learn:
~~The entire Southern Thai Massage and many variations of both Southern and Northern styles. You will have everything you need to know to begin practice immediately.
~~How to become versatile with hands, feet, elbows, knees, knuckles, and thumbs, and use your body efficiently. ~~The energetic pathways in our body: the vessels through which energy flows. These channels are known as meridians in acupuncture, and Sen in Thailand. You will learn how to use them.
~~An understanding of abdominal massage. So many people have energetic blockages in their guts and untying these “knots” can have fantastic results.
~~How to use yoga asanas in massage.
~~The profound muscle rolling technique of Southern Thailand.
​~~The Northern style of alternating thumbs.
~~How to maximize body mechanics.
​~~Patient education.

Q) You mention manipulation. Will you teach me to adjust the spine like a chiropractor?
No that often requires a license. I will teach the manipulation moves as a stretch. This way nothing is left out of the original form.

Q) If I complete your series can I consider myself an expert in Thai massage?

No way. Thai massage, like any art form, requires a tremendous amount of practice to master. Without sincere practice it won’t come to life for you. If you practice for many years, the spirit of Thai massage will enter and become part of you.
Q) Do you need to be a professional to understand?
​ No, anyone can do it, if they sincerely practice. Sometimes one’s experience can even get in the way. (The full cup)
Q) Do I need a license to practice, or to charge money to the public?
Many places do require a lisence. You should check what the regulations are in your hometown.
Q) Does your course count towards professional training or continuing education?
It should. It is legitimate massage course by any standards. My courses have always been accepted for hours towards a license or continuing education in the state of Oregon and other states as well.
Q) I’m very stiff I can’t see myself sitting on the floor or getting myself into those crazy positions.
A sick or compromised person may not be able to do every aspect of Thai massage. All massage takes a certain amount of work–– but if there’s a will then it’s possible. There are ways to adapt it to your body type and abilities. Thai massage can easily be transposed to a table.
Q) Why should I study with you? What sets you apart from anyone else?
Basically, it boils down to experience. In Thailand, as well as anywhere else, there is a distinction in bodywork. Those that know how to give a relaxing session. And those who can use what they’ve learned to heal or solve a problem. As a full time chiropractor/ acupuncturist people come to me with problems. In the last 27 years I have helped many thousands of difficult cases with bodywork.