#1) The Statue of Shivago, the Father doctor (The originator of Thai Massage) at Wat Po

#2) The statue of The Father Doctor at The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai

#3) with Kani Ka( My main instructor) and friends at Wat Po in the early 90’s

#4) Early morning Wat Po. SOmetimes I met Kani Ka before Wat Po opened and stayed the whole day.

#5) Kani Ka gives me a tune up.

#6) Yoga at Ross Lake Wa.

#7) With Ting, my first teacher at Wat Po, until I met Kani Ka.

#9) More Diplomas with Kani Ka.


#10 Turian (an amazing super healthy fruit) from a street vendor  at Kao San Rd.

#11 Learning to prepare Herbal Bolus at Wat Po.

#12 This sign was from The Old Mediciine Hospital in Chiang Mai.  It was showing the prices of Thai Massage a long time ago. (That means a skilled 3/1/2 hour massage for around $10.00!)

#13 Close up of Diploma from Wat Po

​#14 More Diplomas. ( I took the courses many times)

#15 yoga

#16 One of my favorite teachers in Chiang Mai

#17,18,19, 20 the Famous Massage School at  Wat Po








​#21, 22 The years pass with yoga












Teaching Thai Massage For Ashland School Of Massage